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About Us

WorldWide Solutions 4Life Syndicate (WWS 4LIFE™) is currently applying for a 501(c)(3) status to develop, produce, educate, and distribute methods to overcome the challenge of compliance with wearing Personal Protective Equipment through use of a NEW innovative method to fight Avoidable Respiratory Disease. A recent breakthrough technology developed by DRAFT™, a Northern Michigan-based safety equipment company, has changed the future of breathing with all types PPE.

WorldWide Solutions 4Life Syndicate is harnessing DRAFT™ technology through a license agreement, and with the global market in mind, we are developing even more cost-effective respiratory protection equipment through methods of reuse design, offering a kit to transform any PPE into a comfortable, effective and sustainable breathing opportunity. Our products divert expelled air to minimize humidity and heat, creating a truly comfortable solution that empowers more individuals to comply with mask requirements.

We aim to minimize our environmental impact and create safety equipment that can be cleaned and reused to protect members of our global community again and again from viruses like COVID-19, environmental dust and pollution, and hazards of industrial work.

We believe cost should not be a factor that determines whether an individual has access to the latest health technology and advancements in respiratory safety, and we want to make this technology affordable and accessible to all.

WorldWide Solutions 4Life Syndicate cannot do this on our own. We seek to partner with like-minded foundations and nonprofits to work together to bring the innovative method of DRAFT™, and our design, to ensure a new level of public protection to all. With your help, we can enable all people to utilize safe, comfortable masks and respirators whenever the need arises.

It’s time to utilize the technology in front of us and begin saving lives today. Help us make healthy and comfortable methods of compliance and safety accessible to all mankind.